Meet Our Student Tour Guides!

Our amazing student tour guides are here to share their experience as Gators with prospective students and their families. They will show you the SF State campus through their own eyes. They will share with you anecdotes, our history, what they love the most about the University and why they love being a gator. 

Ieasha posing in front of tree  wearing black sweater

Ieasha Dicabral

Hello prospective Gators! My name is Ieasha and I am from Concord California. I am a Criminal Justice major. I want to become a Lawyer and eventually a Judge. I chose Sf State because it provides a lot of support to help me succeed in my classes. I was told that my classes were very engaging and I would learn about social justice which is what I am passionate about. Also, SF State is a very diverse school which was also what I was looking for. I love working with everyone because everyone is so nice and helpful. I look forward to helping you find your journey at SF State!

Sofia posing in front of tree wearing a light green SF State sweatshirt

Sofia Gutierrez

Hello everyone! My name is Sofia Gutierrez and I'm originally from a small city in LA County known as Wilmington. I am a First-Year Undergraduate student majoring in Sociology with a minor in Race and Resistance Studies. As a first-generation student, I found myself passionate about social change and activism. My goal is to go into social justice and be an ally to low-income families and the youth in marginalized communities. I chose SF State due to its value for activism, culture, and diversity. Being the first University to innovate the College of Ethnic Studies is an important aspect that it's community respects and honors. With over 200 organizations, endless resources and opportunities, SF State provides students with a sense of inclusion no matter where you're from or who you are. 

Hilary posing in front of a tree wearing a purple SF State sweatshirt with  a Gator imprint in front

Hilary Cruz Mejia

My name is Hilary Cruz Mejia (she/they/ella). I was born and raised in the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean in Guatemala. I am currently pursuing a B.A. + M.A. in the Spanish Blended Program along with a minor in LGBTQ+ Studies and Latin American Studies. I am a poeta radical that has a compromise to my roots, mi gente, mi comunidad, mis ancestras, the present, and the urgency to desenterrar la memoria colectiva (unbury the collective memory). Choosing SF State had a lot to do with its historical roots in activism and its support to the diverse communities represented in the Bay Area. My favorite thing about working in the Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment office is the diverse community that I have been able to create and the free snacks!

Ritesh posing in front of large Gator wall decoration

Ritesh Ritesh

Hello! Call me Ritesh (aka best out of best). I am an Indian international student. I plan to work as a software engineer after I graduate, thus computer science is my major. San Francisco State offers a variety of opportunities for success in one's own positive approach. Additionally, SF State provides a unique bachelor's degree that is centered in my field of study. The campus community is always so welcoming that I never get the impression that I'm away from home. It's the finest a foreign student could hope for.

Amanda posing in front of a large tree, wearing a black SF State sweater

Amanda Schaer

Hello! My name is Amanda Schaer. I am from San Jose, CA. I am a Communication Studies major with a passion for acting. After graduating from San Francisco State I plan to attend an acting academy and pursue acting. I chose San Francisco State because of the big city atmosphere, and our campus is diverse and welcoming. I am excited to be working with the tour guide program because it allows me to use my communication and public speaking skills to introduce potential new students to our campus!

Josue posing in front of green tree wearing a purple gator SF State sweater

Josue Duran

Hi, my name is Josue Duran. I am currently a second year here at SF State majoring in Broadcasting Electronic Communications Arts (BECA). In the future, I am hoping to become a screenwriter or some sort of writer for television. I am from Orange County in sunny Southern California. I love San Francisco and the bay, I'm glad to be here. I really love going out and trying new food places and cats. 

picture of Dezirae posing in front of a white background

Dezirae Rose Smith

Hello, my name is Dezirae. I’m a 4/5 year student-athlete. I’m on the Women's Track and Field team, and I’m also a Sociology Major. I’m from a small LA County city called Bellflower, California.  I chose SF State because I was recruited on the Track and Field team. SF State is a NCAA II institution with amazing academic programs.  My goal after graduating with my BA is to get into the Master's program and possibly get my 2nd degree in Social Work.