Welcome to SF State

Japanese Garden at SF State

About us:

Situated at the heart of one of the largest and most diverse cities in the world, San Francisco State University is part of the California State University System. San Francisco State’s evolution has been inspired by the diversity of our community, which includes many first-generation students, and the courage of an academic community that strives to break down traditional boundaries. With the unwavering commitment to social justice that is central to the work of the university, SF State prepares its students to become productive, ethical, active citizens with a global perspective. SF State stimulates intellectual and personal development, promotes equity, and inspires the courage to lead, create and innovate.

The Office of Undergraduate Recruitment, its’ welcome center, tour guide program and Young Gator Scholars strive to work directly with students, parents, families and community members to disseminate admission information and actively recruit a diverse student population to SF State. We are dedicated to creating access to higher education by actively engaging the community and raising awareness about the importance of higher education to promote socio-economic mobility, equality and preparation. We strive to provide services that prepare prospective students for the process of admission and their transition to the university.

Below are some of the services we provide:

  • Individual advising appointments
  • SF State admission presentations
  • Cal State Apply workshops
  • Next steps presentations
  • Navigating the Student Portal
  • Participation at Transfer Days and College Night events
  • Attending career fairs and cultural events
  • Enhancing early college awareness
  • Hosting campus visits
  • Campus walking tours
  • Virtual campus tours
  • Chats with a Gator
  • And much more!